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What to Think about When Booking a DJ

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No matter the genre of music that a person prefers, everyone can get down to something that invokes their inner dancer. Because of this, DJs are wildly popular and connecting everyone with their favorite dance tunes or guilty pleasures. Since this is such a large and hugely profitable market, there are things to consider as a venue before booking a DJ in Bangkok.

Marketing your event

Social-Media-and-MusicIf you’re aware of a powerful relationship between another local venue and a promotional company, you may need to step your game up. You can do this either through collaboration and partnerships, or you could build your own niche of upcoming artists. If you can’t fill up a club even half way, agents of the performers won’t want to put their artists there, as it seems like bad press. Marketing is essential as music is best and most successfully spread through word of mouth.

You won’t always make money

Every artist and agent you work with has to get paid, regardless of how little or how many people showed up. It’s important to remember to be patient and understand that as a new venue, or venue that’s just starting to book DJs and bands, you may just lose out on a lot of money. Many booking agents and venues lose out on 100% of their money before being successful. If you think it’s all about the money, you’ll be quitting as fast as you started.

Always follow up with the agent or artist

No matter what happens, it’s always important to follow up with photographic or video content and a “thank you” to the artist or agent. This will help you establish a connection with them and help indirectly persuade them to book through you again, instead of someone else.


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