Top Reasons Why Bangkok Has the Best Nightlife

BangkokThere’s something for everyone in Bangkok, including DJ induced raves to events that are a bit classier. Because of the versatility within Bangkok’s nightlife scene, it’s noted as one of the top nightlife destinations in the world. There are events that are on the cheap end for college kids or those who are looking to penny pinch as well as pricer venues that deal with only top notch booking agents.


The nightlife scene is quite friendly

Any person that goes into the club with 2 friends inevitably comes out with twice, if not triple that amount. This is because Bangkok is an extremely friendly city, gathering natives and tourists alike for an eclectic night on the town. Since it has such a good vibe, it’s becoming increasingly popular to book DJs at local venues. There are even VW bars made out of old VW’s where people gather to drink between venues and meet new people.

High tolerance for all lifestyles

It doesn’t matter who you love or what you’re into in Bangkok as there’s a bar and place for everyone. Since it is quite a friendly area, more and more bar hoppers and clubbers enjoy the Bangkok nightlife, because they don’t feel judged. This is great news for venues as this means there’s more business to be had.

The climate is beautiful

Another selling point for booking agents, DJs, and venues in Bangkok is the fact that the climate is beautiful and almost always perfect. While it can be a bit hot during the warm months, it’s never cold. This means that people are able to hit the town year-round. Perfect weather means perfect business for venues and those who are just starting can utilize this advantage through themes, prices, and artists booked.


What to Think about When Booking a DJ

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No matter the genre of music that a person prefers, everyone can get down to something that invokes their inner dancer. Because of this, DJs are wildly popular and connecting everyone with their favorite dance tunes or guilty pleasures. Since this is such a large and hugely profitable market, there are things to consider as a venue before booking a DJ in Bangkok.

Marketing your event

Social-Media-and-MusicIf you’re aware of a powerful relationship between another local venue and a promotional company, you may need to step your game up. You can do this either through collaboration and partnerships, or you could build your own niche of upcoming artists. If you can’t fill up a club even half way, agents of the performers won’t want to put their artists there, as it seems like bad press. Marketing is essential as music is best and most successfully spread through word of mouth.

You won’t always make money

Every artist and agent you work with has to get paid, regardless of how little or how many people showed up. It’s important to remember to be patient and understand that as a new venue, or venue that’s just starting to book DJs and bands, you may just lose out on a lot of money. Many booking agents and venues lose out on 100% of their money before being successful. If you think it’s all about the money, you’ll be quitting as fast as you started.

Always follow up with the agent or artist

No matter what happens, it’s always important to follow up with photographic or video content and a “thank you” to the artist or agent. This will help you establish a connection with them and help indirectly persuade them to book through you again, instead of someone else.



Tips for New DJs


Parties and events are nothing without a source of music and it can truly make or break the vibe of the night. As a new DJ in Bangkok, it’s important to not go in blindly and to research ways to make the most out of your set as well as information on booking procedures to remain professional. There will be roadblocks or speed bumps on the way, but practice makes perfect and there are plenty of tips to soak up.

Always make sure to pick a genre and a scene

There’s nothing worse than inconsistency and it’s important to find your niche and style as a DJ, because you will be speaking through your sound. Whether you’re a drum and bass DJ or more of a hip hop or industrial styled DJ, it’s important to know your niche, as you’ll be expected to deliver as such. If you are well versed within that scene, you will grow immensely instead of fading out into a vast sea of disc jockeys.

Be the scene; don’t let the scene be you

When you’re confined to one scene, style, or genre, you’ll inevitably fade out as trends change very quickly when it comes to music. If you’re versatile and well-rounded when it comes to adapting your set, you’ll be much more successful than someone who isn’t prepared for the next musical trend.

Marketing is keyDj mixer with headphones at nightclub

When it comes to marketing, having incredible photos can really make one stand out from the rest. Within the DJ scene, social media is what amplifies the name of a DJ. The younger generations are the ones going out to these clubs and it’s
important to cater your social campaigns as such. Without an image, you’ll fade back into only practicing in your room.